Youtube video views not updating

Because of this, views are incredibly important to a large number of people, and not just having views, but having verifiable and valid view counts.

So you’re probably excited when you see your view count rising steadily higher and higher, until suddenly something strange happens. Fortunately, this is not a mystery; unfortunately, it can be slightly frustrating when you want to see that view count rise.

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Once they put your video through the review process, you’ll see a dramatic jump in official views if you have far more than 301.

The short answer, then, is that it is merely a security protocol, it’s done on purpose, there’s nothing wrong with your site or channel, and as long as those views have come in organically and are valid, you shouldn’t have a problem.

From funny personal videos to business promotion videos, there is a wide range of video types promoted on You Tube.

Some channels are also monetized so that the amount of views a channel or video gets is related to how much money that business owner or person makes.

After a relatively short period of time, your views will proceed to greatness., but the most common response is that if someone makes a legitimate request for a video and sees the video and has a positive user experience, that’s a view.