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A man who thinks intensely fills his aura with thought or subjective images active with the passions that gave them birth; by thinking and acting on other lines, he may supplant these images with others possessed of a different form and nature.

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When I reappeared I was in an alleyway and there was three young children (perhaps 4 years old)on bikes, one of them cycled over and stap me in the leg with a meat cleaver i tried to pull his hand away but he was way to strong, he was cutting my leg deeper and deeper.

Woke up after that a little bit scared and wondering what the hell it was all about I had a weird reaccuring dream when I was little it was about this person in the ER having surgery and then this black shadow would appear and the person would die and I had this dream over and over again for weeks.

To dream of seeing any of your people dead, warns you of coming dissolution or sorrow.

Disappointments always follow dreams of this nature.

In our dreams we are closer to our real self than in waking life.