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The Flour Bin By Lawson's Hill, near Mudgee, On old Eurunderee The place they called "New Pipeclay", Where the diggers used to be On a dreary old selection, Where times were dry and thin, In a slab and shingle kitchen There stood a flour bin.

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On a German farm by Mudgee, That took long years to win, On the wide bricked back verandah There stands a flour bin; And the dear old German lady Though the bakers' carts run out Still keeps a "fifty" in it Against a time of drought.

It was my father made it, It stands as good as new, And of the others like it There still remain a few.

After all, it was because of depositions that the whole world found out that she was a cocaine user, and in a statement, Nigella claims that the attention put on her drug use prevented the court from focusing on the actual criminal case regarding her assistants.

She claims the trial was a, “When false claims about habitual drug use were introduced I did everything possible to ensure the CPS was aware of the sustained background campaign deliberately designed to destroy my reputation.

During the trial not one witness claimed to see me take drugs and not one of my three assistants was asked about these claims by the defense, despite being cross-examined at length.