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I don’t really know how to tell lies,” later admitting that Prince is her boyfriend.

Rainie, who previously said that she does not want to get married, has now changed her mind.

I’m looking forward to her short drama airing later this year, and one wonders when she will officially take the next step with her boyfriend Chinese singer Li Rong Hao, either soon or as she recently stated before she turns 40.

Stage Name: Rainie Yang Chinese Name: 楊丞琳 (Traditional); 杨丞琳 (Simplified)Pinyin Name: Yang Cheng Lin Cantonese Name: Yeung Shing Lam Korean Name: 양승림 (Yang Seung Rim)English Birth Name: Lily Yang Nicknames: Ah Lin, Lin Lin, Xiao Cheng Lin, Cheng Lin, Rainie Birthdate: June 4, 1984Zodiac: Gemini Chinese Zodiac: Rat Birthplace: Taipei, Taiwan Band: 4 in Love (disbanded)Blood Type: AHeight: 161 cm / 5'3"Weight: 47 kg / 95 lbs Vital Statistics: 32B, 23, 33Languages Spoken: English, Taiwanese Fookien, Mandarin, Cantonese, Guang Dong Dialect, Japanese Siblings: 1 older sister Talents: Singing, Dancing, Acting, Hosting, Swimming Special Abilties: Streetdancing, Gymnastics, Ballet Hobbies: Cuddling with her dog Yumi, Reading novels, Journal writing, Sleeping Favorite Colors: Black, White, Gray Known Ex-Boyfriends: Xiao Gui, Ben Bai of B. D, Roy Qiu Ze Cheng, Li Yi, Yuan Jun Hao Rumored Boyfriends: Ken Zhu, Shawn Yue, Lin Yo Wei, Mike He Motto: "Hard work might not always bring success, but not working hard will never bring success."- from Rainie Yang's Asianfanatics thread - Profile Name: 黃鴻升 / Huang Hong Sheng English name: Alien Also known as: 小鬼 (Xiao Gui)Profession: Actor, Host, Singer Birthdate: 1983 Nov 28Birthplace: Taiwan Height: 176cm Weight: 61 kg Horoscope sign: Sagittarius Chinese Zodiac: Pig Blood type: ATV Show Host - 100% Entertainment 娛樂百分百 (GTV) with Xiao Zhu 小豬 (since 2006?? Who knows what might happen in the near future..hekhek! Because if that's the case, I think there's a lot of unanswered questions, but knowing Rainie, I doubt that she'd leave them unanswered.

Although Rainie has been embroiled in several scandals and rumours over the years, the 29-year-old has always been honest about her relationships, and once admitted that popular TV host and singer Xiao Gui used to be her first love.