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Because you feel the guy is not worth dating you or he's poor or don't have a car or big houses, all you have to do is believe in a better tomorrow.

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He is considered to be one of Nigeria's most famous actors.

In 2011, he was honored as a Member of the Order of the Federal Republic (MF Early life Iheme was born in Mbaitoli, Imo State, Nigeria into a family of five children.

Below I detail how I used Big Data and Natural Language Processing techniques to query the Global Graph for Nigerian Movies and Actors.

Using Virtuoso SPARQL editor, I sent the following queries to the Linked MDB SPARQL Endpoint using The answer looks like this when you run the query using URIburner Endpoint. they have only eight Nigerian movies in their dataset.

Filmography Aki and Paw Paw Double Mama (2015) Mirror Boy (2010) Markus D Millionare (2008) Stubborn Flies (2007) Boys from Holland (2006) Brain Box (2006) Criminal Law (2006) Jadon (2006) Last Challenge (2006) Remote Control (2006) Royal Messengers (2006) Winning Your Love (2006) Young Masters (2006) Colours of Emotion (2005) Final World Cup (2005) Holy Diamond (2005) I Think Twice (2005) My Business (2005) Reggae Boys (2005) Secret Adventure (2005) Spoiler (2005) Village Boys (2005) American Husband (2004) Big Daddies (2004) Columbia Connection (2004) Daddy Must Obey (2004) Mr.