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If she was gay herself at the time, there was no outward sign of it (although curiously, she refuses to tell me if she’d had gay relationships before she met Martina, and when I press the issue her PR says ‘this is not relevant’). She’d play tennis with them, do their homework with them and cook.

By the time she met Martina again, in a restaurant in Paris of all places, eight years had passed and Julia had had two daughters, Victoria, now 13, and Emma, eight, from two different (failed) relationships.‘I had a tray of food and I turned round and there was Martina. They call her Marti — a short, sweet version of Martina.’But inevitably, clarification had to come eventually.

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When I’d covered four walls, and the ceiling, there were still boxes to go.

I remember looking at it all thinking “Oh my God.” It brought home how much she had achieved.’ That reality was always going to be jaw-dropping, given that Martina is one of the most successful tennis players in history.

The boy’s father — wealthy French banker Edouard Stern — died a few years later during a bondage session with a prostitute. ’ says Julia, who still looks like a beauty queen at the age of 42.

Added to this ‘you couldn’t make it up’ story is the fact Julia says she didn’t know what being gay meant until she was an adult.‘I grew up in Russia and I didn’t know it existed,’ she says. I must have been 17 or 18 — I’d already moved to London — before I knew that same-sex relationships happened.’ Yet here she is, discussing the wedding for the first time, and sounding just like any bride — and a touchy teary, too. ‘I had to look at the ceiling to stop myself crying. She has a reputation of being very tough — and she is, on court. When we were exchanging the vows, the whole thing hit me — how incredible it was, how special.’Her account is all a bit Hello!

Lemigova, an entrepeneur, first came to attention in Russia at the age of 19, when she was crowned Miss USSR in 1981.