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” What she means is, even though she dates Asian guys, that doesn’t mean that any Asian guy will do the trick for her. Sure enough, his experiment yielded the same results – the white male received significantly more responses and remarks that the Asian male.

Most girls on these sites dream of meeting a KPop star lookalike – a Rain, T. It all boils down to science, really – many studies show that white women out of all the races of women show the clearest preference for dating their own race.

It’s when you, as an Asian man, are trying to use internet dating as a way to open up your options to include women of all races and not just Asian women that AMs run into the discriminatory and, yes, racist nature of internet dating.

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They save the funniest ones that really stand out as outrageous and post them on their Facebook for other frequenters to see.

They also claim to not take any real romantic interest in any of the guys there, so your chances are, again, lessened.

If you thought your chances offline were bad, it’s worse on these sites.

For one thing, the girls get hit on CONSTANTLY – anything you’re going to say to them has been said already, and probably several times that day.

Guys that have been around for a while know which girls are taken, hard to get, ones that need a little coercing to get into bed with them and which ones are nothing but drama.


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