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I connected some USB powered speakers to the headphone jack of Piano board, and one 5 ohm speaker to Volt amplifier board which I had left from a speaker set.

You’d normally want to use two speakers for the Volt board, but that will do for testing.

The user manual recommends to connect the 5V power supply provided with the kit, before turning on the 19V power source, and do the reverse while powering it off (turn 19V off first, then 5V).

I found a few bugs during my review, but the company has now released a new firmware update that should fix many of the issues I encountered.

All items shown above will be included in the package. Vana Player can be purchased for $169 on Allo website.

I tried four different laptop power supplies, but none of the jack would fit, so finally I change the plug from a Sony Laptop power power supply.

Finally I connected an Ethernet cable, and a USB hard drive.

Now that the board is started you can find the IP address with an IP scanner software or your router DHCP list.


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