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Such situations you'd expect to find jealousy occurring are: This could be you innocently working late on a project at work with a colleague of the opposite sex.

But it has the potential to make your partner feel a little jealous because you're spending one on one time with another person who they do not know.

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One member of the couple can become jealous due to envy - if they perceive that someone else has, or is getting something they want from their partner, ultimately, it's caused by a situation which one member of the couple reacts to what they perceive to be a possible threat to their love relationship.

Some might say jealousy is caused by some deep seeded personality fault or insecurity on the part of the person who's become jealous, but it's not necessarily always the case.

They usually have feelings of worry of losing an important love to another person, feelings of inferiority and it's like a line of communication has been broken between the couple when one of them becomes jealous. You need to stop assuming the worst, ask questions and listen to your partners responses.

That way you can discuss your feelings so you can work out solutions.

Your partner may have no reason not to trust you, however it still can make them feel uncomfortable that someone is possibly sharing dinner with you at the office instead of you being at home with them, especially if they'd been hoping all day for a romantic evening with you.


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