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Generally women need continuous physical stimulation to have an orgasm that long and it almost always has to be clitoral stimulation.

I'd say since it's porn the chances are very good this is just more acting.

She is cute, no doubt about that, and the scene is nice... ) having a great orgasm she just says: uh oh I'm cumming to, uh oh. I had a gf when I was in the Navy that could only get off like that when I used my tongue.

BUT this is not a real orgasm, its a porn actress doing her job (doing it great, by the way) and some video edition. Nice orgasm I will ask my wife if she can fake her orgasm like that next time I fuck her. Would go down on her for what seemed like half an hour, then boom.

After that she didn't really care about the fucking and just wanted me to cum. After one of those she would be all bubbly and offer to get me some of my fav apple juice or make me a snack, w/e. All I need it a few minutes and a cartoon drawing of some tits and I can gets mines.