Ray j dating young buck

During the late 1980s, I traveled through the back country of the Brazilian City Rio de Janeiro.I was surprised when I found that poor, devalued and exploited female children of color that couldn’t read English cherished the images of women of color found in American magazines.

I know Ray was getting high with Whitney on Thursday night in her hotel room the cops know too.

Ray was on ecstasy, and they was passing around a primo. And a zip ain’t shit I need a quarter P of Purp ‘Gon break it down, pass it all around I can serve Whitney Houston and Bobby Brown Them dope boys in this bitch like, let me buy that …”[6] A quarter pound of purp is marijuana.

has been one of the few music industry artists with the heart to speak out that Whitney Houston shouldn’t have been alone in Los Angeles to be literally setup for murder.

“I stand on, whoever flew her [Clive Davis] out to perform at that party, should have provided someone to be there,” Khan, 58, said on .

She had been dead for some time with her legs sticking straight up in the bathtub as if her body had gone into rigor mortis. Most of us are still wondering how two-bit messy ass rappers like were allowed to get so close to the center of the death of a international mega superstar and national treasury like Whitney Houston without a great deal of suspicion, outrage and public scrutiny, even from the so-called Hip Hop Generation.