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You may connect to AIM®/i Chat (AOL) with the same login and password you use in your desktop AIM®/i Chat messenger. If you are i Chat user, your login should contain "". If this port is blocked by your wireless carrier, you may have difficulties connecting to AIM®/i Chat. After that you will be able to connect with your Yahoo account from IM+. If you are trying to login to GTalk with a Google account that doesn't have a Gmail address, you'll need to sign up for a Gmail account.

In this case you may try to connect using other ports: 80, 443, 110, 25, 143, 53, 8080. back to top You can connect to Google Talk with the same login and password you use in your desktop Google Talk messenger. Please see the following article for details: If you have problems connecting to Google Talk with your account, please try to use our test account: Login: Let us know about the results filling our support request form. Have you ever been able to connect to Google Talk using IM+? back to top You can connect to Facebook with the same login (e.g [email protected]) and password you use on Facebook website.

[email protected]: This message was created automatically by mail delivery software.

: $ host has address .17 mail is handled by 10 MX01.

Please check IM+ description for your platform for the exact list of available services.


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