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Tests of the top few cm and of surficial sediment indicate that the Po and Pb concentrations are quite similar.

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sediment lithology) may be needed to establish a reliable chronology.

A sediment core taken from a tidal mudflat in Ho Bugt in the northernmost part of the Wadden Sea in Denmark is used to explore the application of optically stimulated luminescence (OSL) dating to young fine-grained estuarine sediments, using Cs Sellafield peak from 1980 as independent age control.

Pb in soils and sediments involved laborious and time-consuming radiochemical separation procedures.

Due to the recent development of advanced planar (‘n-type’) semi-conductors with high efficiencies in the low-energy range which enable the gamma-spectrometric analysis of the 46.5 ke V decay line of Cs shows that the information which may be gained by these two tracers is complementary.

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