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A prominent rabbi argued to me that too few students were getting married in college.When I explained that many of us believe in first completing school or starting a career before making the supreme commitment, his response was a cool, "Why?As repeatedly shown in the media, Orthodox Judaism is notorious for its emphasis on marriage, and true to this reputation, our leaders tend to advocate marriage at a young age.

By teaching boys about the role they play in creating healthy relationships, while recognizing the pressures they face in being a ‘strong’ male, we can help equip them with the skills to make healthy relationship choices. The project emphasizes healthy masculinity and guides parents and boys to raise and become complete people who express themselves, care about others and thrive as good husbands, friends and members of the community.

Boy to Mentsch includes a public awareness campaign and a variety of educational workshops for adult men, young men and boys in the Orthodox Baltimore community. 2013-CY-AX-K010 awarded by the Office on Violence Against Women (OVW), United States Department of Justice (DOJ), with additional support from the David Berg Foundation.

" This encounter deepened my concern that there was a growing disconnect between our spiritual leaders and my reality as a young adult.

The position the rabbi advocated was completely out of touch with my reality, and as far as I could see, he seemed unwilling to even consider the needs of a diverse and changing community.

Our "Ladies & Gentlemen" workshop provides an opportunity to examine how gender norms and expectations play a role in our lives and relationships.


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