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He emphasizes that his friend is “not a psycho” and considers it a “miracle” that both of them are “fully functioning adults” (Reeder says he’s a victim of child abuse, as well). Therefore, we’ve included his tweets on the subject in the gallery above in full. It’s a listing for a “Justin Voel-pel” at Explore Talent, a directory of actors, models, etc. It shows he is 24 years old, 5’10,” with brown hair and eyes. My reasonable side says no, the simplest explanation is the best one, and that would be that this is a seriously haunted kid struggling with who he is.

You’ll have to decide for yourself whether he’s the real deal. You’ve got all the circumstantial, you can decide for yourself.

There are a ton of details being shared and a ton of conversations going on about this over at Twitter right now.

Out of all the noise, we managed to find a guy who says that he knows Justin Voel-Pel and has (sort of) been answering questions about him.

I tell my friends where I am for , especially while on dates, but I don’t give my location’s exact longitude and latitude coordinates. I’m also happy to report I heard from him five hours later around 1AM, inviting me to “meet up” downtown. Bless his little heart, we’re still best friends to this day. This is a model conversation exchanged between me and Tim,* a guy I was for over a year and who appears multiple times throughout this list. I’m a pretty big introvert, but because of my job in finance and history with pageants, I’ve forced myself to become an extroverted introvert in certain situations.


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