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He found himself a pariah in his own hometown in the days after Sandusky's arrest and facing questions over why he did not do more to personally to stop the assault he said he witnessed. Mc Queary has endured an awful lot in silence and with dignity." Since 2012, the school has paid more than $93 million to settle claims from 32 Sandusky accusers, and university officials have acknowledged the school bears some responsibility to the victims of its former assistant football coach, who is serving a 30- to 60-year prison sentence for the sexual abuse of 10 boys.

He told jurors last week that he has been unable to find work since Penn State placed him on paid leave, citing safety concerns in the days after Sandusky's arrest, and later decided not to renew his contract. Gavin said he expects to issue his ruling on Mc Queary's whistle-blower claims in the coming weeks.

"He happens to be a very good football coach," Strokoff, his lawyer, told jurors.

"But much more important than that is that he is an incredibly decent and good person.

The jury also found that Curley and Schultz lied to Mc Queary in 2001, when he told them what he had seen and they told him they would take care of it.