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Everyone, including Jon, assumed Sheen had settled down and become a hard-working family man. The on-screen chemistry between Cryer and Sheen continued even after the cameras stopped rolling, but Jon told Howard he noticed a change in his co-star when Charlie began discussing conspiracy theories."The time I started to worry is when [Charlie] went on 'The Alex Jones Show' talking about 9/11 and that he thought it was a conspiracy," Jon said.Charlie's personal life was also beginning to crumble after his very public divorce from Denise Richards.

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Lorre explained that they had found someone to take Charlie's place on the show – Hugh Grant.

Jon laughed out loud after hearing the name."There's no way we're getting Hugh Grant," Jon remembered thinking.

But even with his life as chaotic as it was, Jon admits Charlie was still a professional during tapings."He still seemed very even-keeled and he was always great to work with," Jon said. On the set, he was still bringing it although something was off."The "Two and a Half Men" cast grew concerned for Charlie, as did many of his friends and family.

Jon recalled attending Charlie and Brooke Mueller's wedding and being excited to hear the toast from Charlie's dad, Martin Sheen, famous for delivering long, eloquent speeches as President Bartlet on "The West Wing." All the elder Sheen said as he raised his glass: "I hope you kids know what you're doing."With Charlie and Jon both becoming single, the two started to explore relationships with other women.

"I showed up at her house and I was like, where is she and her housekeeper said, 'She's out with her boyfriend.'"Jon admits he was heartbroken and became the "standard hurt little bunny boy" but confronted her anyway.