Kangta and park ji yoon dating scandal

kangta and park ji yoon dating scandal-89

In a recent recording of MBC’s , Park Ji Yoon appeared as a guest, along with Lady Jane, who is known as a H.

Park Ji Yoon talked about the time when she was caught in a dating rumor with Kangta and the backlash she received from the H.

On May 13th, singer-turned actress Park Ji Yoon guested on SBS’s “Nightly TV Entertainement” and talked about the hard times she had when she first debuted as a singer. I didn’t feel bad because of it, but rather very scared.

T.’s Kangta, she stated, “Kangta’s fans would shout harsh swear words at me when I was singing on stage and they even cursed at me with their fingers.

Park Ji Yoon is currently acting in SBS’s “Lie to Me” opposite Yoon Eun Hye and Kang Ji Hwan.


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