Introduction to dating website

But sitting in front of the computer, you can forget about your self-consciousness and put the best spin on your life. This is a matter of projecting confidence, which is typically the most important way to impress another person.

And if you want people interested in you, then you need to seem interested in yourself.

Two, be flattering to yourself, because no one else will be.

Imply that you have many different interests, while emphasizing the ones you are most interested in.

You might use the phrase “These are the hobbies I’m most interested in at the minute…”, so you don’t pigeonhole yourself as a darts player for life. Finally, don’t give any more revealing details than you have to.

You’ll probably be stumped at first when introducing yourself.

Many people have a hard time telling about themselves anyway, but when you’re specifically writing an introduction, people become especially self-conscious.

So when you introduce yourself on an online dating site, you need to choose your words carefully and give the right spin to your introductory profile.