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In many instances, low RPM torque is as good as the stock cam(s) and peak torque is improved, but the goal is to improve power in the RPM range above the engine’s torque peak.

Stage 3 cam sets are chosen to provide the ultimate in high RPM torque and horsepower.

These cams will generally produce more part-throttle torque, better low RPM throttle response, and increased peak torque.

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Hot Cams stage 1, 2, and 3 camshafts Hot Cams stage 1, 2, and 3 camshafts are chosen as matched sets of intake and exhaust cams to maximize the efficiency of engines that are stock or mildly modified with external components such as exhaust system, air filter, etc.

Most riders will find that these cams will satisfy their expectations and needs.

With the measured parameters transmitted to the level-2-system, the line operator is able to realize a closed loop system (sensor and mill) for camber reduction and optimized strip positioning in the hot rolling mill.

The EMG solution hot CAM for camber and position measurement helps you to increase your product quality and to avoid damage to your line!

For the process reliability in a hot rolling mill it is extremely important to keep a defined position of the strip between the hot rolling stands.