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The recommendations in this chapter are intended to achieve fiscal efficiencies in operating and back-office expenditures without compromising service delivery. Business operations continue to change rapidly for the public sector.

The Ontario government faces the twin challenges of creating the best public service in the world under the constraints of reaching fiscal balance by 2017–18.

We have not placed an annual growth target on operating and back-office expenditures because of their diffusion through other program areas.

Efficiencies may have been found through the creation of more streamlined processes, lowered administrative costs, better use of technology, and ongoing cost-avoidance and cost-reduction initiatives, but the Commission has been unable to quantify this through our research.

Our challenge is to bend down the cost curve while driving for greater value-for-money outcomes, focusing on client service and ensuring accountability to taxpayers.

The Commission recommends ways to transform and find cost efficiencies in areas such as front-line service delivery, arm’s-length operations, regulatory services, information technology practices and transfer payments.