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' or ' If Quinn and Rachel started dating? Rachel was dancing with Finn, as they were preparing for Sectionals.

"Guess this means you're sorry, you're standing at my door. " Rachel said, outraged by the fact that she even thought it. " Quinn asked, as she watched Rachel count with her fingers, and gasp.

xx ______________________________________________________________________________ Rachel Berry was walking down the hallway of Mc Kinley High School. " said Rachel, peeping her head round the door "Sure, Jewish girl I can't remember the name of, what can I do for you?

' It's a brand new week' she thought to herself,'don't bother about Ezemio and Karofsky. Barbera Streisand never let anyone get in her way, so neither should you' She anticipated it. When she had finally managed to calm down, she realised one thing. When Rachel came in after cleaning herself up, she went straight to Sue's office. " "I want in on the Cheerios" Rachel said "You want WHAT? "I want on the squad," Rachel repeated "I like your tone, whatever your name is..." "Rachel Barbra Berry" "Yeah, whatever.

It only got worse when Finn decided to join the club."Finn does football and glee. I know you could." She knew she sounded a bit like a whiny child. She just wanted him to cave."I just can't.""More like you won't. They both knew that was a low blow her bringing Hannah into this. Bring the guitar with you tomorrow."- - -Emma Pillsbury thought her jaw was going to hit the floor when she saw Rachel Berry jump into Noah Puckerman's arms. I'll let you know if I find anything out."- - -Noah walked into the practice room and wanted nothing more than to go sit beside Rachel. He couldn't remember a single occasion when he'd heard Puck he even mumble a song let alone belt one out. We're just trying something new out Finn."Noah watched Finn whine to Mr. And Puck really is quite good.""How would you know that?