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Anyways, I hope you enjoy the video as much as I did.

We all know of the aggressive behavior that a more confident person might show, well you may now imagine the level of bullying that all girlfriends of this futanaria are subjected to. Look at this fascinating dick and tell me you do not want to see […] Appetizing futanaria girl is always ready to slide her naughty hands into her cock holding panties and rub those huge balls making the fine fuck tool shiver and arouse.

This Futanaria set is pretty fucking hot (and the full video is a much better quality than this clip).


So I saw this pic on IGN – it’s from the Anime Expo 2010 and this chick is dressed up as Poison (the notorious shemale from the Final Fight series).

My first thought was, “Does she know that she is cosplaying as a shemale?

34San AKA6 Anal Sex Anasheya Anime Flux Anthropomorphic Ariza Big Ass Big Dick Big Tits Black Futa Dmitrys Ell Furry Futanari Futa Cum Futanari Obsession Exclusive Futa on Futa Futa on Girl Futa on Guy Horse Cock In Case Incest Kinky Jimmy League Of Legends Maple Moon Mey Mey Mortal Kombat My Pet Tentacle Monster Ninja Kitty Poison Pre-Cum Rule 34 Self Facial Shadman Solo Futa Sponty Star Wars Superhero Futa Tentacles The Phantom Futa Trap Videogame Futa Vincent CC Vitalis With Balls If figured it was about time I featured another one of these fun little Futanaria videos since the last one I posted was back in September.

Everyone here should know the score by now but in case you are new to the scene let me fill you in: Yes, it’s fake. I don’t think anything there was ever supposed to be taken seriously but after reading some people’s comments on the previous posts that’s not totally apparent to everyone. Hentai is fake too so I really don’t see a difference you know?

Some people want me to post more pics and videos and some people just want to tell me how fake it is.