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Remember that we are the largest free online dating service, so you will never have to pay a dime to meet your is it that alot of the so-called 'women"on here after chatting with them on here they say"yeah sure i would love to meet you" and u drive all the way up , wasting ur gas and ur time only to find out they just think its cute to have that power over men. i mean are all women ****es and i dont care if i get angry responses because thats the way i see it. well anyway who the **** needs this kinda aggrevation. They come to meet me and then all they try to do is hook up with me. So when I tell them I'm not into casual sex, they turn on me. If you ever want to talk about it I'm an email away and always willing to lend support. However to say all women are Ho's is a bit much dont cha think??!!! I feel like maybe theres just no man who will appreciate me and want the things Id like in a companion ,friend,lover..... When I feel like this, I need to just step back and be with myself, breathe deep and think well maybe I just need a little time,then when im ready, begin trying to get out there and have a date now and then... I know exactly how you feel about the way some people conduct themselves on this thing but there's not much you can do about it. Love isn't hard to find - people are hard to find ...

**** i mean my hand is better than most of these women on here. I am a woman,mature woman,lady,friend and compassionate soul ... I have never stood a man up,even if there was no chemistry whatsoever.. The people who do that are controlling and cruel... Just take your time, talk to them for a while before agreeing to a meet, get to know them somewhat. which is strange 'cause there's so many of us here ...

We are going to a nice restaurant and out after to listen to jazz, and I did not want him to foot the bill if it happens that we do not like each other after we meet.

I always pay my own way on the first date and I usually share even after we go on more dates if the gent I am with cannot afford it. Your beauty is still within you buddy,do not let the fairer sex dull that.

Actually we men have it alot easier...women are not nearly as shallow as men are and looks arent the only thing they look for.