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Later in the interview () she sorta says the guy played with her ass but doesn't confirm he actually go it.

Some of Palsy hands scenes he had up on his clips4sale shynewbie site were filmed on the same gloryhole set as GHS as well.

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forums.The anal vid was a Palsy hand pimp casting shoot and Claire also stated in one of the after interviews about doing anal and not with BF, and pimp himself posted here about it so yeah it exists.

I have pimp's e-mail address and he replied to me a year or so ago and wanted more than I was willing to pay and I would post his address here but would likely not be approved by the Mods. She told me, just before she got engaged, that she would never do anal.

It isn't known if palsy hand pimp actually appears, but it is known that he is at least acquainted with Dave who runs the site.

One of the videos shot by palsy hand was posted in the scrapbook section (it's still there).

Won't hire anybody to help because they ain't up to his high standards of quality, I GUESS.