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Capt Walter Jones of the Queen's Light Dragoons was the sole CET rider, and represented The Canadas against riders from British regiments.

Canada's first national equestrian championship, the "Dominion Equestrian Championship", was held in 1895 in Toronto, in the disciplines of steeplechase, hunt seat equitation, and jumping, with entries from both men and women.

EC is proud to partner with Horse Council British Columbia (HCBC) in order to provide the Canadian equestrian community with four days of exceptional educational opportunities, including information and working sessions covering exciting topics from scientific evidence-based equine training to concussion awareness to hands-on coaching and officials’ workshops with demo riders.

The 2017 EC Convention will also feature world-class speakers and exciting social and networking events.

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Although the victors were the first group of athletes to be described as the Canadian Equestrian Team, they did not go on to compete together internationally.