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He got dragged out before I could get hold of him, but I was shouting at the cunt that I was going to find out where he lived.[At this point in Phil's story I remarked that his tactics seemed to have failed miserably.But he insisted that they proved the guy was scared to fight him face to face, and that I should shut up and just let him carry on with what he was saying.] I saw him a few weeks later around town when I wasn't on drugs.

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Don't you wish there was a way to shut him or her up, to force that clown into a humiliating retreat?

Not by throwing a punch, of course, since that could end with you in a jail cell or badly beaten or both.

It started in the playground, where that sweaty bully dished out bad insults and made you feel like a putz.

Years later, you're still being intimidated: on the street at night, in job interviews, at pickup basketball games, when someone says something nasty to you in the bar—in all these situations you're stuck being the victim rather than the aggressor, the one who has to back down while your tormentor makes that shit-eating grin at you.

His dad, Jimmy Tippett Senior, presided over his turf as the "Governor of Lewisham" from the 60s to the 80s. That person will go home, google me and the people around me, and see all this bad shit.


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