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Wallace calculates, a time that corresponds with the archaeological date of at least 35,000 years ago.

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You will also notice that the analysis of DNA from many ancient skeletons and mummies (studies mentioned below) is performed on the mitochondrial DNA, or mt DNA.

This "ancient" DNA is often degraded and present in very small quantities. Wallace and his colleagues at the Emory University School of Medicine in Atlanta constructed a world female genetic tree based on mitochondrial DNA. Wallace found that almost all American Indians have mt NDA that belong to lineages he named A, B, C and D.

L3, the youngest branch, is common in East Africa and is believed to be the source of both the Asian and European lineages. Wallace's mitochondrial DNA lineages are "haplogroups" but known as "daughters of Eve," because all of the lineages are branches of the trunk that stems from the mitochondrial Eve. Wallace is now exploring the root of the mitochondrial tree.

In the March 2000 American Journal of Human Genetics, he and colleagues identify the Vasikela Kung of the northwestern Kalahari desert in southern Africa as the population that lies nearest to the root of the human mt DNA tree.

This page attempts to grasp at and to explain some of this research.


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