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Men and women possessing these traits are seen as attractive, Thornhill said, because they advertise reproductive health.

Some are as clearly defined as the prominent, feminine eyes of a supermodel or the desirable hips of a well-built man.

Other rules work at the subconscious level, motivating us to action for evolutionary reasons that are tucked inside clouds of infatuation.

If a woman produces the proper amount and mixture of estrogen, then her WHR will naturally fall into the desired range. People in the ideal hip-ratio range, regardless of weight, are less susceptible to disease such as cardiovascular disorders, cancer, and diabetes, studies have shown.

Women in this range also have less difficulty conceiving.

In the end, lasting love depends at least as much on behavior as biology.


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    If you are single, it may take years of prayers and waiting for the right person. Understand how this erosion of Western certainly lead to a general lack of trust in an ultimate reality came about first in philosophical ideas then though our experience in the 19th and 20th century as humans. I emphasis that because I believe that in this transcendence of spirit is what leads to love, true love.

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