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Can we just rewind back to the Family Sing a Long and Alpha Drew make out sessions? Brooks needs to hear this the same way she needed to hear how he was feeling.

I hope this disconnect in their ability to be honest doesn’t blow this up before it has a chance to all get out in the open. And maybe most importantly of all…from this tribe of three would make the best Bachelor this fall?? Given Des has let us know that she suspects Chris will make the best luvah from the final 5, I think we can safely say that taking her home to meet his family is his gig to lose right now. Chris is the guy who looks great on paper and in the flesh, and they definitely have chemistry.

Des tries to get past the limitations set by the show by showing him a list she made of all the moments they shared that meant something to them. Will be interesting to see how that plays out during the home town dates and onward. But with Chris, for all that the two of them are privately trying to picture what a future will look like together, they’re so busy rubbing sun lotion on and enjoying their scantily clad selves while on their big sail boat cruise date, I’m not sure how much analytical thinking is going on, beyond how can we ditch thees camera guys and find out more about each other like adults do. Drew private camera’s that he’s aware that on the 2 on 1 there’s a safety rose being handed out, and that guy gets to intro Des to his family.

Some of these are the obvious things we saw them experience, and then some are those private kind of in-joke things that only mean something to them. Then we’re whipping back to the hacienda where the third date card arrives. I still say MG gets the last one on one as he hasn’t had one yet (has he? Drew gets this almost gleam in his eyes when he says he has to get that rose. I mean, I loved hat alpha move last week, very un-drew-like…but it makes me question just what’s going on inside that guy’s perfect ken doll hair neat as a pin at all times head?

But hey, you knew all four hometown dates couldn’t be awesome fam’s right? He’s hopping or skipping or cartwheeling toward love with Des, I’ve lost track, but he’s worried that the time apart, without any alternate form of communication, is challenging and kinda reverses the progress they make when they’re together. She knows she’s already fallen for him, which she hasn’t said about any of the others, not even close.


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