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By 1945, the plant had employed over 9,000 people, created its own sewage and water treatment plants, filled 40 million shells for the Second World War, opened a school with a population of over 600, and also had 50 km of roads and 50 km of railroad.

The plant site included over 12 km of land itself, and many Canadians traveled the distance to work there.

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Many residents commute from Ajax to Toronto and other Durham Region municipalities for work, and the town has increased in population considerably since the 1980s.

Other employers include Du Pont, Volkswagen Canada, Dowty Aerospace (started in 1949), and many others.

The town's growth also saw large shopping centres, new subdivisions and extensive high rise developments.

Famous people who've helped put Ajax on the map include pop punk band Sum 41, NHL player Brent Burns, Rex Grignon (head of animation for Dream Works), and Jeremy Booker, gold medalist in the 2006 Paralympic Games.

Ajax then became a planned community, mostly envisioned by the the Central Mortgage and Housing Corporations's George W. In 1954 the first Public School Board and Town Council were elected, and in 1973 the Village of Pickering and the Town of Ajax were amalgamated, thus creating part of the new Durham Region.