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Carstens 1245 25 (cm) Vase – West Germany 60’s 70’s Retro Mid century Fat Lava.Fabulous West German vase manufactured in 1967 by Bay.The Atomic-era and Jet-age led to many abstract and innovative designs where streamlined contours were fused with angular geometric shapes.

Designers and manufactures had grasped the power of marketing to a competitive minded consumer and were producing an ongoing stream of modern innovative styles. French, German, Italian, English, Scandinavian and the USA were all strong contributors to modernist ceramic designs in this fascinating period. All are glazed with the typical blue Emaux des Glaciers, for which this pottery was renown.

( An Seta ) I find the popularity of the lava glazes of this era intriguing. A Doctor Strangelove scenerio loomed large in peoples minds..

Some of the mid-century pottery were often bulky and heavy with very thick glazes, sometimes multi layered up to four layers deep with different colours and textures.

Their appearance was very grounding, which maybe represented a balance to the explorations of alternative consciouness that were actively pursued at the time.

compote Italy circa 1950′ s robin parfitt – flickr Mid-Century sixties decor Large Mid Century Vase by Accolay, France.