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Mon, Feb 29 Rotoworld Hemsky couldn't finish Saturday's contest due to an illness.Mon, Feb 29 Stats SPLITSGPGAPTS+/-PIM%TOI/GPRODMarch114593817.4vs. SJ21011033.3Away3488166413.1In Wins41715221168.0In Losses276511-101211.3 GAME LOGDATEOPPRESULTGAPTS+/-PIMSOG%PPGPPASHGSHAGWGTOIPRODThu 3/[email protected] L 10102333.300000Tue 3/[email protected] W 0111030.000000Sat 3/19vs W 10112333.300000Thu 3/17vs W 0000020.000000Tue 3/15vs L 000-1020.000000Last 5 Games213141315.400000 Hemsky posted his 20th assist of the season in Tuesday's 6-2 rout of the Blackhawks.

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Details Year Age AAVNHL Salary Signing Bonus Max Perf Bonus Earned Perf Bonus Minor League Salary Unknown details -- Source: USA Today NA2002-200319--3,130,000-------- Unknown details -- Source: USA Today NA2003-200420--3,130,000-------- Unknown details -- Source: USA Today NA2005-200622--1,740-------- Contract Years: 6 (2006-2012)Type: ONE; Source: Guaranteed Value: ,600,0002006-200723,100,000,500,000-------- 2007-200824,100,000,600,000-------- 2008-200925,100,000,600,000-------- 2009-201026,100,000,400,000-------- 2010-201127,100,000,500,000-------- 2011-201228,100,000,000,000-------- Contract Years: 2 (2012-2014)Type: ONE; Source: Guaranteed Value: ,000,0002012-201329,000,000,000,0003,500,000------ 2013-201430,000,000,000,0000,000------ Contract Years: 3 (2014-2017)Type: ONE; Source: Guaranteed Value: ,000,0002014-201531,000,000,000,000-------- 2015-201632,000,000,000,000-------- 2016-201733,000,000,000,000-------- SPLITSGPGAPTS+/-PIM%TOI/GPRODFebruary93361213.0Home242911-363.6In Wins3451217746.6In Losses18325-6410.3 GAME LOGDATEOPPRESULTGAPTS+/-PIMSOG%PPGPPASHGSHAGWGTOIPRODThu 2/[email protected] L 101101100.000000Tue 2/[email protected] L (OT)0000010.000000Mon 2/[email protected] W (OT)10100333.300000Sat 2/13vs W 011-1020.000000Thu 2/[email protected] W 0111010.000000Last 5 Games22410825.000000 Antti Niemi's debut with the Stars couldn't have gone much better, while Phil Kessel's with the Penguins definitely could have.