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“At that moment, there was no question,” he tells me.

From there the obsession began to find a focus—or perhaps, more accurately, a purpose.

Elyea continues, “I remember the day I sold a complete set of Fender Reverb units, all with covers, and I never looked back.

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Vox serial numbers weren't planned out too well, nor is there a lot of information on the rhyme or reason for the numbering that occurred in Britain or in the Italian factory.

It was in late 1964 that the Italian factory began making Vox guitars, while British production of Vox guitars continued simultaneously.

Recalling how organizing the data from all the amps he’d collected changed his approach, Elyea says, “at one point, I could see that instead of one large series of numbers that all the amps shared, each model had its own, distinctive sequence.

This was a major revelation, to be able to demonstrate that there was a logic behind the Vox numbering scheme.” The obsession resurfaced, and Elyea decided that the book should be as complete as possible.

The painstaking attention to detail recorded in these pages is extraordinary; it is the product of a keen appetite for knowledge.