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Jay Freeman has today pushed not one but two quick Cydia updates, with version 1.1.25 and 1.1.26 for i OS 9-9.0.2 users made available for download now.

It’s free, and these things have a tendency to be pretty important to your jailbreak. To update now, launch Cydia, tap on the button in the top right and wait for it to fetch the new update.

When it does, it will prompt you for “Essential Upgrade”.

The release of i OS 9.1 and the likely imminent cessation of i OS 9.0.2 signing by Apple meant that Freeman felt the need to get his updated version of Cydia out the door ASAP. What that means is that the new version of Cydia now installs new tweaks in a different location to where it did yesterday, meaning those with a lot of tweaks installed should notice an increase in the amount of available storage space on their device.

While there is a lot of technical things going on in Freeman’s changelog for latest Cydia, all that you really need to know is this – if you’re jailbroken and have Cydia installed, then you really should update to the latest version ASAP.

Sound off with your opinions on Cydia 1.1.20 in the comments below.