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(a) Before a district may be created, the commission must receive a petition requesting creation of the district.(b) The petition must be signed by:(1) the owners of a majority of the assessed value of the real property in the proposed district, according to the most recent certified county property tax rolls; or(2) 50 persons who own real property in the proposed district if, according to the most recent certified county property tax rolls, more than 50 persons own real property in the proposed district.(c) The petition must:(1) describe the boundaries of the proposed district:(A) by metes and bounds;(B) by verifiable landmarks, including a road, creek, or railroad line; or(C) if there is a recorded map or plat and survey of the area, by lot and block number;(2) state the specific purposes for which the district will be created;(3) state the general nature of the work, projects, or services proposed to be provided, the necessity for those services, and the costs as estimated by the persons filing the petition;(4) include a name of the district, which must be generally descriptive of the location of the district, followed by "Management District" or "Improvement District";(5) include a proposed list of initial directors that includes the directors' experience and initial term of service; and(6) include a resolution of the governing body of the municipality in support of the creation of the district.

The notice must state that each person has a right to appear and present evidence and testify for or against the allegations in the petition, the form of the petition, the necessity and feasibility of the district's project, and the benefits to accrue.

The boundaries of a district are as prescribed by the commission order creating the district.

If in the petition or order a mistake is made in the field notes or in copying the field notes of the boundaries of a district, the mistake does not affect:(1) the organization, existence, and validity of the district;(2) the right of the district to issue any type of bonds or refunding bonds for the purposes for which the district is created or to pay the principal of and interest on the bonds;(3) the right of the district to levy and collect assessments or taxes; or(4) the legality or operation of the district or its governing body.

The initial directors shall be divided into two groups that are as equal in number as possible; one group serves four-year terms and one group serves two-year terms.


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