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Only when she is forced to directly confront the consequences of her actions will she grow as a woman.

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Beneath all her huffing and puffing, she’s still just a When you put your girlfriend over your knee and whup her ass, you’re using the appropriate amount of force for the situation.

By placing her in a submissive position and punishing her in the same way a father punishes an unruly child, you’re her like a child.

It’s difficult for a girl to go down on you when she has a broken jaw, for example.

So how do you discipline an unruly girl without permanently disfiguring her? Spanking allows you to inflict physical violence upon her—the violence that she to be spanked, it’s extremely unlikely that she will ever consider your weekly whippings to be “domestic violence.” Even if she doesn’t like the sting of your palm, her sense of shame will keep her from reporting you to the police.

If she wants to be treated like an adult, she’ll have to put on her big girl panties and stop being such a brat.


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