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The objective of government procurement contracting is to acquire goods and services and to carry out construction in a manner that enhances access, competition and fairness and results in best value or, if appropriate, the optimal balance of overall benefits to the Crown and the Canadian people.are exempted from the requirements in this policy for approval by the Treasury Board.

The Minister of Public Works and Government Services Canada is exempted from the requirements in this policy for approval by the Treasury Board to enter into or amend a contract for a contracting authority listed in the Schedule of the , as well as those other Appendices and Sections which consist of both mandatory and optional requirements or a combination of both, as specified.

4.1.2 Work descriptions or specifications must be defined in terms of clear outputs or performance requirements that will encourage and accommodate the use of the competitive process and as required under the .

4.1.3 Whenever practical, an equal opportunity must be provided for all firms and individuals to compete, provided that they have, in the judgement of the contracting authority, the technical, financial and managerial competence to discharge the contract and meet, where appropriate, the objectives established by overall national policies or as required under the .

4.1.4 Where applicable, bid evaluation criteria must be established to address socio-economic factors in relation to the total cost of a contract before bids are solicited, and solicitation documents must give notice that socio-economic factors will be used to assess bids when they are received.

4.1.8 Public servants who have been delegated authority to negotiate and conclude contractual arrangements on behalf of the Crown must exercise this authority with prudence and probity so that the contracting authority (the minister) is acting and is seen to be acting within the letter and the spirit of the Government Contracts Regulations, the Treasury Board Contracts Directive and the government's procurement policies, the as amended (refer to Appendix B) require that contracts for the performance of legal services may be entered into only by or under the authority of the Minister of Justice.