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Turner embraces a Lean management approach, and a culture that emphasizes collaboration, reliability of scheduling and delivery of the most value while consuming the fewest resources.Lean principles drive the efficient delivery of our services.We “do the right thing.” Turner is a business based on trust. These standards along with our policies, mandatory safety inspections and training programs have created a comprehensive and effective safety organization. We strive to recognize our similarities and celebrate our differences.

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As part of our effort to achieve this vision, Turner fosters a culture where employees share their ideas and engagement with one another to develop innovative ideas as well as evaluate and implement improvements at Turner.

To accelerate the generation and development of innovative ideas as well as the evaluation and implementation of improvements at Turner, the company has an Innovation Group and a Change Management Team.

Our core values of integrity, teamwork and commitment guide our activities and we expect the organizations with which we do business to share our commitments.

These principles serve as the foundation of our actions.

Lean culture emphasizes re-imagining and eliminating waste in all forms and creating predictable, reliable workflows.