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“You f—ed up,” he told Karlie, flashing her a diamond before taking the ring back.

“You can use me, but you can’t abuse me,” he told her.

"The next Nicki Minaj" turned out to be Stevie's artist and lover-on-the-side Joselyn Hernandez, and after Benzino went to ATL to meet Stevie and his new Barb, he himself had his heart stolen by another "LHHA" castmember: up-and-coming R&B singer Karlie Redd.

It was his chance meeting with Karlie that led to a real-life date, resulting in a recurring role on the show. "We went on a date off camera, and there was a connection.

Well, like most things on the fiery reality series, it all began with controversial castmember Stevie J.


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