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And, Roesler warns, don't expect the other person to be able to read your mind.

If you don't communicate what you like and don't like, they won't know.

Sally Mead says she was completely stunned when a new acquaintance called her a people-pleaser with no sense of identity.

"Being too nice can prevent healthy open communication that is important for all relationships," Roesler explains, adding that in some cases repressing how you really feel can also lead to putting up with abusive behaviour. Keep reading to learn if you are damaging your professional prospects on the next page...

Another danger of being "too nice" is leading people on - in other words, being fake and pretending that you have a connection with somebody when you don't.

"If you're nice, both people feel good and happy," she points out.

"If you are too nice the other person probably feels good, but you don't." The perfect balance is giving as much as you want without feeling resentful about it-in other words, maintain boundaries.

If you're too scared to say that you don't see things working out, you could find yourself stuck in a meaningless relationship for months or even years.