Beautiful people dating network who lisa raye dating

Most people, like me, joined just out of curiosity to see if they'll get voted in.One thing that interested me was that Beautiful claimed people who are voted in can get a report on the demographics of who did and did not vote for you as "Beautiful." After paying the fee for one month of "Premium" service, this report turned out to be nothing more than a random selection of 20 or so people who voted me as "Beautiful." One thing I would have liked to have seen is the total number of votes, especially since the percentages of how many people thought I was "Beautiful" swung wildly throughout the 48-hour voting period, which leads me to suspect there are very few people actually casting votes.You will see the same pictures appearing on several profiles on a daily basis.

Beautiful people dating network

I got a visit here and there, one single message in a month, sent quite a few just to try, but about 95% of the women in there are non-paying members (which I found out only after paying), so they are not allowed to read and respond to the messages they receive. They were voting before I had a chance to post a pic and work on my profile.

So basically all you can do is surf profiles and look at pictures. I hope they read this because I think this is a scam. Useless people frittering away their time on useless endeavors I took the most flattering picture I could find of my ugly face and tried to get in as a male and female profile.

First of all there are plenty of beautiful people on good dating sites like Mingle2day, for example.

Second of all, I want to get to know someone and I think reducing people to their looks may take away many possibilities.

The premium services won't shed any light on what type of person is attracted to you, and there are virtually no people on the site actually looking to date.