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And of course this filters into , because if you’re authoritarian…well, one thing you are not very likely to be is open to new experiences.In other words, you’re likely to score relatively lower on the personality trait of Openness, one of the Big Five traits.And there was much fulminating about why--assuming the survey data are correct--this might be the case. First of all, the parties are clearly much more polarized than before.

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But are we so polarized--and more important for our purposes here, why would this polarization extend to non-political issues, like whether your darling daughter marries a Democrat?

Simple: As I explain in , the parties are more polarized because they are better sorted psychologically than they used to be.

And we know that one key factor about Openness is that, well, Open people tend to date and marry other Open people, and vice versa.

As the personality psychologists Robert Mc Crae and Sutin put it: Whether single, dating, or married, people have a good idea of what they want in their ideal partner—someone just like themselves, particularly on Openness.

Facet-level analyses revealed that couples were drawn together on some aspects of Openness more than others.