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Don’t hesitate to give a closeup of your boobs or your bum.

If you don’t have a bikini body, wear some body-flattering lingerie.

If you’re doing the online dating site thing on a site like Hookup Melbourne ( or Hookup Perth ( pictures count … An online dating site profile with 3-5 pictures will get noticed more than fewer pictures or none at all.

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It definitely will not get you from your laptop or phone to the bedroom.

Body Shots Full body shots are just as important as head shots.

Yeah, it shows you have some money, but guys tend to mention their motorized toys when talking about themselves anyway.

Shirtless ab shots are totally hot with women, but if you don’t have 6-pack abs, throw on a tank top for your online dating pic.

Guys, women go for the eyes and the smiles more than anything else you might be doing or wearing in your pictures.